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Get Powerful Audience Insights Direct from your Event

Events can strengthen a brand or company in many ways through increased awareness, as a source of revenue, building customer loyalty, and so on. But one thing that is key to making the most out of your event is gaining useful information. Whether it’s finding out more about your audience or the necessary information to get in touch with them after the event, this information can shape your next event and power your marketing strategy.

“Events and experiences generate highly valuable customer and prospect data and insights.” The Freeman Data Benchmark Study.

Your audience’s data is the most valuable resource; it can give in-depth knowledge about your attendees – ultimately giving you a better understanding of them. Your company can use this to understand, communicate and engage with customers better.

There are numerous ways to gather useful information, some of which are listed below:

Event Technology

The easiest way of gathering data is to make it fun. Engagement tools such as photo booths, games, personalising items, prizes, and so on, allow attendees to input their information to experience activities at your event. For example, they could receive a downloadable image via entering their email address or entering their name to get on a game’s leader board.


Running a competition or entering a prize draw is a great way to encourage your audience to submit information. The idea is that if your audience inputs their email address, they could receive a discount code, prize, or gift when they take part. You can even use Noonah’s event technology as part of an incentive mechanic!


Using registration, contact, or payee forms is another way of collecting that all-important data. Before your audience has even attended your event, you can gather information during the signing-up process. Use this opportunity to get to know your attendees; do they want to attend a yoga workshop? Listen to a key speaker? Attend a networking session? Giving your audience options when signing up will allow you to see who is a popular speaker or activity, plus you can personalise their experience at the event – eg creating them a personalised schedule.

Lead Generation Technology

If gaining leads is the primary purpose of your event, consider using technology designed purely for lead generations. Most of this technology works by scanning an attendee’s name badge or entry card to transfer data.

Staff Training

Make sure everyone who is staffed at the event, has the information they need to talk to your attendees and answer any questions they may have. If the goal is to gain leads make sure they have training for this. When a worker is knowledgeable and confident, the attendee will feel more comfortable talking to them and be more inclined to give that information.

Follow Up

Once you’ve got all your data, make sure you follow up with your customers or leads, and put the insights to good use!

“Nearly 9/10 companies use event marketing data to inform wider marketing strategy and tactical decision making, and 70% of brands integrate their data with their corporate marketing databases and CRM platforms.” The Freeman Data Benchmark Study.

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