Infinite images for Vodafone’s Be Unlimited campaign

What Vodafone wants!

Vodafone wants to promote their new unlimited data plans with an immersive brand experience. The #BeUnlimited experience takes consumers on a sensory journey, activating consumers senses showing them how unlimited data allows them to live without limits.

The key messaging for the campaign is the unlimited nature of the data – and to marry the TV, advertising campaign, Voda’s agency approached noonah to create infinite images within an infinity room.

Selfie Mirror Integration System

Noonah used their Selfie Mirror Integration System behind the noonah custom mirror glass of the Vodafone #BeUnlimited infinity room allowing consumers to snap branded selfies and share them with friends and followers on social media.

Consumers start their experience in the limited data room, then enter the second room where they experience the excitement of unlimited data.

The result gives consumers unlimited reflections as they are reflected on every surface in the mirrored room.

The custom mirror plays a Vodafone branded user experience which guide consumers through the process of snapping their unlimited selfie. Our system instantly adds Vodafone #BeUnlimited branding to their photos.

Come See The #BeUnlimited Campaign

With our selfie mirror integration system, consumers can share their branded snaps instantly. Through sharing their photos on social media, consumers were giving the chance to win the latest Samsung smartphone which incentivised sharing and maximised exposure for the #BeUnlimited campaign on social media.

Consumers receive a branded print of their #BeUnlimited experience as a keepsake to ensure their unlimited Vodafone brand experience is truly unforgettable.

Come see us as we tour with the #BeUnlimited campaign:

Westfield White City: 16th – 26th August

Edinburgh Festival Square: 29th August – 1st September

Newcastle Grainger Street: 5th September – 8th September

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