Vending Machines

By introducing connectivity, touchscreen technology and fully-customisable UX, we have taken the humble vending machine and turned it on its head.

Perfect for brand activations, product launches, giveaways and corporate events, our next-generation vendors can be wrapped in your branding and programmed to combine any conceivable user experience with a free gift of your choice.

Using brandable and custom vending machines for events and brand activations is an innovative and effective marketing strategy that captivates audiences and enhances brand visibility.

These vending machines go beyond the traditional concept by allowing companies to personalize the machines with their logos, colors, and unique designs, creating a strong brand presence at the event. Such custom vending machines serve as eye-catching attractions, drawing attendees’ attention and curiosity, leading to increased foot traffic and engagement. By offering branded merchandise, promotional items, or even product samples through these machines, businesses can leave a lasting impression on consumers while reinforcing brand identity.

The interactive nature of these vending machines fosters memorable experiences, encouraging attendees to share their interactions on social media, further amplifying the brand’s reach. Overall, incorporating brandable and custom vending machines into events and brand activations proves to be an innovative and memorable way to connect with the target audience and elevate brand recognition to new heights.