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Photo booths are where Noonah started back in 2011. Since then we have built a reputation as the market leader in photo booth technology supplying the biggest brands and agencies with photo booths of all shapes and sizes.

Photo booth technology is central to many event experiences, so getting it right is vital, which is why working with a partner that understands your needs is so important. UGC, TikTok Optimisation, Data Capture, Systems Integration, the list goes on, but rest assured our tech is the best out there, and if you require a feature that doesn’t exist, our in-house dev team can make it happen.

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The photo tech we use is the best in the industry and is designed to seamlessly integrate with our vast inventory of tech to create unique experiences that are engaging and fun.

Our photo booths are easy to set up and run, needing little in the way of maintenance or staff. They are brilliant for UGC and data collection and can be integrated with many other event technologies. With endless options for branding and customisation, our booths always create an eye-catching focal point at your event that is guaranteed to draw the crowds.

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Types of Photo Booth

The Photo Kiosk

What you might expect a Photo Booth to look like, our Photo Kiosk is a nod to booths of the past, with a curtain and seat inside, it offers users privacy while its size and brandable exterior make a big impact and really help to draw the crowds.

Don’t let our Photo Kiosk’s retro feel fool you; it’s filled with the latest Photo Booth technology and can be adapted to use any camera and any of the features of our other booths, including AI!

If you want a Classic Photo Kiosk at your event talk to our team now.

The X Booth

Our latest innovation, an industry-first, the X Booth has been designed and developed in-house by our tech team to be the Swiss Army Knife of Photo booths.

Used for many of our AI Photo Booth activations, the X Booth has been designed to work with any camera and any lens and can house even the most powerful computer setups, like those that we use to run AI Photo Booth. With fully programmable LEDs running around its outer edge and either side of the unit and a tall, slender shell designed for easy branding, the X Booth marks the pinnacle of Photo Booth design. Exclusive to Noonah, if you want the X Booth at your next event, talk to the team.


The modern face of Photo Booths, our Sleek model creates a clean brandable focal point for your photo activation, designed to work with a wide range of cameras and printers.

The Sleek has the ability to share photos and gifs directly to social via its fully customisable touchscreen interface, or for those who want a physical printout, an integrated printer drops photos into the print catcher situated on the left side of the booth.

Measuring 43cm wide and 2m tall, the Sleek offers unparalleled branding opportunities, making it an ideal choice for businesses and events alike.

More info on our Sleek Booth.

FX Pod

Introducing the FX Pod: a sleek, portable and versatile photo booth that delivers effects such as Boomerangs, GIFs, Video FX, Branded Outputs and even AR Props.

Perfect for events and activations with limited space or that need multiple units for a high turnover the FX Pod is the easiest photo booth to transport and has a fully brandable base and onscreen UX.

Each FX pod is Equipped with a ring light, which creates a distinct look while providing flawless lighting for your event’s TikTok-optimised outputs.

Ask us about FX Pods.

Custom & Integrated Booths

If you have specific requirements or need to integrate photo booth technology into an existing stand or set design, our tech team is uniquely positioned to bring your vision to life.

We pride ourselves on using the very best software and hardware in all our photo booths, to ensure speed, reliability and an unparalleled user experience. With over a decade of expertise collaborating with leading brands and agencies, our team excels at tailoring this cutting-edge technology to suit your unique needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have a project that pushes the boundaries – we thrive on turning extraordinary ideas into reality.

AI Photo Booth, Leading the AI Revolution

AI represents the most significant revolution in the Photo Booth Industry since the advent of digital cameras over two decades ago. With AI, we can transform your guests’ images into virtually anything imaginable. Whether it’s turning them into a film character, aligning pictures with your event or brand theme, adding filters, altering backgrounds, adjusting age, or crafting corporate profile pictures – the possibilities are limitless with AI.

With the introduction of our AI Photo Booth, Noonah has once again established itself as an industry leader in this new era of event technology. Backed by unparalleled expertise and insight into this rapidly evolving landscape, we’re dedicated to pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional experiences.

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