Virtual Photo Booth

Virtual Photo Booth is a simple yet powerful photo booth web app designed to work seamlessly on mobiles, iPads, laptops, and, in fact, any device that has a web browser and a camera.

We designed Virtual Photo Booth for events and digital campaigns that require photo capture without the physical limitations of a traditional booth. By placing simple QR codes around your event or providing a link to the web app, you are effectively putting a fully featured photo booth in the hands of all your guests. If your event is hybrid or virtual, your guests can use the web app wherever they are in the world.

The Photo Booth on Your Phone

Fast, easy to use and flexible, we have designed the browser-based web app to have all the effects and features you’d expect from a physical booth without the physical constraints.

Virtual Photo Booth plugs in seamlessly with our other tech, including our Digital Mosaic, and offers endless options for your guests to add filters, animated overlays, messages, stickers, and even audio. With Virtual Photo Booth, creating gifs and boomerangs is a breeze. Our background removal technology means your guests can swap in different backgrounds or locations; it’s fun and results in profile pictures tailored to your brand or event.

A Fully Brandable Experience Tailored to Your Event

Need a bespoke photo capture platform for your next Event?

Virtual Photo Booth forms the basis for many of our most successful engagement solutions, talk to the team to find out what it can do!

Trusted by the Biggest Brands & Corporate Event Organisers

Trusted by brands like Coca-Cola and Nivea and compatible with all the best virtual event platforms.

Our Virtual Photo Booth offers unmatched flexibility to meet the unique needs of any event, from corporate gatherings to large-scale brand activations. It is built with top-tier security standards to protect your data and ensure a safe experience for all users. It seamlessly integrates with all major virtual event and web conferencing platforms, providing a smooth and hassle-free setup.

The Most Flexible and Secure Virtual Photo Booth on the Market

Web App (No downloads necessary)

Our Virtual Photo Booth is a browser-based web app, which means that it’s instantly accessible with a click of a link or scan of a QR code; no downloading apps is necessary.

Seamless Integration

Naturally Virtual Photo Booth integrates with all of our other digital experiences such as Digital Mosaic and works seamlessly with all the best Virtual Event Platforms.

Fully Brandable

Every element of Virtual Photo Booth is customisable by our team so we can tailor it to your brand, campaign or event.

Data Capture

Virtual Photo Booths can be configured to capture a wide range of data, from email addresses to demographic insights, to better understand your audience and refine your future campaigns. Data collection is seamless, secure, and fully customisable, providing you with the valuable information you need.

Background Removal

Virtual Photo Booth’s AI-powered background removal means that we can accurately trace around your guest’s image and place them in any location or setting by swapping out the background with options tailored to your event, its great for creating outputs which are themed or branded.

Effects, Filters & Stickers

Virtual Photo Booth comes with a library of filters and effects as well as “Stickers’’ which your guests can decorate their image with, the sticker set can be themed to your brand or event.

Gifs and Boomerangs

In addition to capturing single images, Virtual Photo Booth can take multiple shots and transform them into lively and eye-catching GIFs and Boomerangs.

Add Messages to Selfies

With Virtual Photo Booth’s “Message Mode”, your guests can leave personal messages that are displayed alongside their image. The messages can be a pledge, a statement, a question, or whatever your project requires. Message Mode works brilliantly with our Digital Mosaic.

Turn an iPad into a physical booth at your event!

In addition to strategically placing QR codes around the event, many of our clients also deploy the software on iPads or other tablets to create compact yet highly effective physical booths.

This dual approach leverages the flexibility and power of Virtual Photo Booth, enabling you to offer an immersive in-person photo capture experience without incurring additional costs. By using the same versatile platform for both virtual and physical interactions, you can seamlessly engage your audience, whether they are attending in person or remotely. This method not only enhances the overall event experience but also maximizes the value and reach of your photo booth setup.

Talk to the team about deploying Virtual Photo Booth on iPads

Virtual AI Photo Booth, Leading the AI Revolution

AI represents the most significant revolution in the Photo Booth Industry since the advent of digital cameras over two decades ago. With AI, we can transform your guests’ images into virtually anything imaginable. Whether it’s turning them into a film character, aligning pictures with your event or brand theme, adding filters, altering backgrounds, adjusting age, or crafting corporate profile pictures – the possibilities are limitless with AI.

With the introduction of our Virtual AI Photo Booth, Noonah has once again established itself as an industry leader in this new era of event technology. Backed by unparalleled expertise and insight into this rapidly evolving landscape, we’re dedicated to pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional experiences

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