Digital Graffiti

Introducing Digital Graffiti, a platform designed to take all the creativity and fun of Graffiti without the mess.

Perfect for those events that want to introduce audience participation and a creative, fun environment, our Digital Graffiti tech creates a stunning focal point and gives your guests the chance to express themselves without getting their hands dirty.

Different Types of Digital Graffiti

Digital Graffiti Wall

Spray Paint Wall is Digital Graffiti’s flagship product. Using real spray paint cans, our tech team removes the messy bit and installs a unique infrared spray nozzle which when pointed at the large format screen leaves a digital paint mark.

The size of the spray paint wall naturally makes a big impact and is great for drawing a crowd. It can be set up using a number of brandable configurations, or we can integrate it into your stand’s design. Every element on the screen can be tailored to your concept and brand.

Your guest’s creations can printed, shared directly to social media using our ShareStation+ or sent to their inbox.

Screen Graffiti

Screen Graffiti uses the same underlying technology as Spray Paint Wall but in a more compact package.

Working on everything from iPads to large format screens, Screen Graffiti is great for events or installations that have a less space or those that want to reduce the queues and introduce multiple screens.

Like Spray Paint Wall, we can tailor all elements on the screen to your concept and brand and have multiple configurations or can work with you to integrate it into a set, stand or, like at the Adidas Store on 5th Avenue, a retail environment.

Screen Graffiti creations can be printed, shared directly to social via ShareStation+ and sent to the user’s inbox.

Digital Graffiti Touch

As the name implies, Spray Paint Touch does away with the spray cans and opts for a touchscreen approach.

Spray Paint Touch has all the features of Screen Graffiti, but with less hardware, it’s a great option for those on a limited budget. Like Screen Graffiti, Spray Paint Touch is available on a whole range of screens, so it is easy to incorporate into any event space or retail environment.

Using the same Fully customisable software as Screen Graffiti, the user’s creations can be printed, shared directly to social via ShareStation+ and sent to the user’s inbox.

Digital Graffiti Explained

Digital Graffiti Features

Fully Brandable UX

All our Digital Graffiti products are fully brandable. We can apply your logo and messaging and even apply a custom palette to match your brand’s colours.

Customisable Experience

Digital Graffiti offers unparalleled options for customisation. If you event centres around a product or theme, we can incorporate a template or underlying image for your guests to personalise. Advanced techniques, such as masking, ensure that users’ brush marks remain neatly within the lines, delivering super sharp results every time.

Live Event Printing

Using Digital Graffiti to create custom tote bags or t-shirts makes for a high-impact activation. As industry leaders in Live Event Printing, there’s no one better placed than Noonah to combine these two highly engaging technologies for a brand experience like no other.

UGC with ShareStation+

Our ShareStation+ Platform means that with a scan of a QR code, your guests can share their creations directly with Instagram, Facebook, or any other social platform installed on their device.

Digital Gallery

With Digital Graffiti, every guest’s masterpiece is showcased in a dynamic Digital Gallery, allowing users to admire their creations alongside those of fellow artists from your event. Elevate engagement by offering QR links strategically placed around your venue for seamless access to the gallery.

Stickers and Logos

In addition to Digital Graffiti’s library of brushes and effects, we can add stickers and motifs to help your guests further decorate their image.

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