Smart Mirrors

Our Smart Mirror technology incorporates a powerful computer interface with a two-way mirror. It allows us to blend the user’s reflection with various functions, from photo and video capture to games and social networking.

Found in Estée Lauder, Flannels Flagship stores, and MAC Cosmetics stores worldwide, our Smart Mirror tech is revolutionising retail by providing an easy way to integrate interactive, digital experiences into traditional shopping environments.

Smart Mirror Projects

Interactive Mirrors for Retail Spaces & Installs

Our smart mirror technology offers a comprehensive suite of interactive features to enhance the retail experience.

It can capture valuable customer data, and through incorporating our market-leading photo booth technology, users can share their favourite looks directly on social media. We can display engaging content like beauty tutorials, product demos, advertising, and even retro games to entertain users during their makeovers. The mirror can provide tailored shopping suggestions, and when used in fitting rooms, customers can request different sizes or colours via the mirror.

Branded Prints

After capturing the perfect selfie, shoppers can receive printed photos that are beautifully branded with your logos, themed graphics, and custom messages.

These prints can also include calls to action, such as bar codes for redeeming discounts or social media hashtags for further engagement.

Additionally, guests have the option to print their photos on a variety of products, providing them with unique souvenirs like bespoke photo wallets, larger prints, coupons, and barcodes designed to drive traffic back to your store or website.

Smart Mirror Technology in action

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