Mosaic Tech

By leveraging this cutting-edge technology, event planners can create mesmerising digital installations that captivate attendees and leave a lasting impression. Mosaic tech enables the seamless integration of user-generated content, allowing participants to contribute photos or messages, fostering a sense of inclusivity and personal connection with the brand.

The dynamic nature of mosaics, continuously evolving as more content is added, generates excitement and encourages attendees to actively participate and share their experiences on social media. This enhanced interactivity not only boosts brand awareness but also generates valuable user-generated content that can be harnessed for future marketing efforts.

Moreover, the striking visual appeal of mosaic displays, composed of countless tiny individual pieces forming a cohesive whole, symbolises unity and collaboration, aligning perfectly with the values of many brands. In conclusion, integrating mosaic tech into an event or brand activation offers an immersive and engaging experience, fostering brand loyalty and forging meaningful connections with the audience.

Photo Mosaic

Add a spectacular visual centerpiece at your next event that draws attention and makes the attendees a part of the final artwork. Nothing brings people together like a photo mosaic wall, whatever type of event it may be; internal conferences, sporting events, trade show exhibitions, influencer parties, charity fundraisers, and more.

A mosaic photo wall combines individual tiled photos carefully placed on an artboard to create one large image. Similarly to a jigsaw, each tile plays an important part in building the final artwork, whether that’s a logo, photograph, graphic, or message.

Digital Mosaic

Our Photo Mosaic Walls can be displayed digitally on a screen at your event: from tradeshow to conferences – whatever your event may be!

A Digital Mosaic can create a stand-out feature at your event with added flexibility and movement. It can build in real-time and work across any device, screen, or projector. Chat to the team to find out more about our Digital Mosaic.

Virtual Mosaic

There may be several reasons a physical mosaic might not be the best fit for your event. But not to worry, our incredible software can allow for your mosaic to be fully virtual!

Our Virtual Mosaic is a must-have for virtual and hybrid events. In our digital world, few platforms can build a sense of community like a mosaic and rest-assured that our powerful, secure and feature-rich Virtual Mosaic is the best out there. Virtual Mosaic enables the mosaic to be displayed on screens around your event or virtually within an event platform. It will still build in real-time and be just as interactive.