Prize Vault

Prize mechanic technology has revolutionized events and brand activations, driving higher engagement and participation. By incorporating gamification and real-time tracking, businesses create interactive and exciting experiences, enticing participants with the prospect of winning prizes. This approach yields valuable data insights and generates social media buzz, amplifying the brand’s reach and fostering loyalty. In the digital age, leveraging prize mechanic technology is essential for creating memorable moments and ensuring the success of events and brand activations.

Furthermore, the allure of event giveaways and prize raffles has proven to be a potent tool in increasing footfall, drawing in more attendees and potential customers to the event or brand activation.

Planning an event or trade show? Then you’ll know that ensuring you get a crowd of relevant and engaged guests can be a real challenge.

Here at Noonah we took on this problem and came up with Prize Vault. The concept is simple, send your invitees a unique code, and then invite them to your event to see if their code unlocks the Prize Vault and with it a prize. Prize Vault is an incredibly powerful way of mobilising your mailing list, social followers, and any other digital database. Simply provide your audience with their own unique code via a link or QR code and invite them to your store or event to see if their code unlocks the Prize Vault.