Virtual Video Booth

Offer a platform for attendees to record short video messages, testimonials, or creative content, the virtual video booth encourages genuine and authentic expressions of enthusiasm or feedback, which can be leveraged as powerful user-generated content for promotional purposes.

This user-generated content has a high potential to go viral, exponentially increasing the brand’s reach and visibility across various social media platforms. The convenience of accessing the video booth remotely broadens the audience and allows even those who couldn’t attend the event physically to participate actively, strengthening brand engagement.

Overall, a virtual video booth brings an element of fun, spontaneity, and personalized touch, creating a memorable and immersive experience that resonates with participants long after the event is over, reinforcing brand loyalty and advocacy.

Mind-blowing in its scope, VVB Pro captures your audience’s questions, feedback and messages as video clips for use across hundreds of applications.

The videos can be shared peer to peer, become part of a UGC campaign or be securely compiled as an archive. The system holds endless possibilities for sectors ranging from events and marketing to HR and the public sector. With multiple modes designed for a wide range of applications, this next-gen tech is receiving rave reviews from early adopters keen to represent their audience and push the boundaries.