Live Event Printing

If you are looking for maximum impact at your event then nothing is guaranteed to drive footfall and forge a lasting connection with your brand like Live Event Printing.

Nobody does Live Event Printing quite like Noonah. Our extensive experience working with the biggest brands and events, combined with the best equipment and event staff, speaks for itself. What sets us apart is our ability to integrate heat presses and other printing equipment with our myriad of tech to create live event printing experiences that are truly special.

Live Event Printing Projects

How Live Event Printing Works – Step by Step

1. Choose and Customise Your Event Merchandise

The first step is to work with our team to establish what you are printing onto. You may have your own merchandise, like at The Nike Well Festival, or you may want to use stock products such as tote bags, bucket hats or water bottles. Here at Noonah we have a vast inventory of products to choose from.

2. Establish the Live Printing Concept

Step two is deciding what your guests are going to print. Some projects, only require a name, like the work we have done with The London Marathon, whereas other projects, such as the Adobe Tote Tour, give guests full creative freedom to design anything they like.

3. Brandable Design and Printing Stations for Seamless Event Setup

We’ll collaborate closely with you to ensure our technology is seamlessly tailored to your event. Whether integrating with your stand or opting for our fully brandable design and printing stations, our technicians will set up and test to our rigorous standards, ready for your event to begin.

3. Expert On-Site Event Printing Support

Noonah’s Live Event Printing staff are the best in the business and are on hand throughout your event to maximise engagement and ensure everything runs smoothly. Our team work on projects of every scale, from large-scale sporting events to conferences and trade shows so whatever your event you can rest assured that our team will deliver.

Live Printing Techniques for Events

Our Live Event Printing team’s extensive expertise in various printing processes and techniques enables us to print onto virtually any product. However, three techniques stand out as our primary methods.

Heat Press Transfer

Strictly speaking, the term Heat Press refers to a particular tool we use; the actual process is called sublimation, which refers to printing onto a special sheet of paper, then transferring the design onto another material through the application of heat and pressure. The dye is turned into a gas, which permeates the material and solidifies.

Sublimation is commonly used for custom designs on items like T-shirts, tote bags, mugs and water bottles; it offers high-resolution, durable prints with vivid colours.

Ask us about Heat Press Transfer.

Expertly-trained event team

Vinyl Printing & Custom Stickers

A popular method for personalising products because of its versatility and durability. Vinyl Printing is the process of transferring a design onto an adhesive substrate, which is precisely cut out and applied to the product.

Similar to Vinyl Printing, Custom Stickers are printed to a pre-cut label, which we can apply to products such as cosmetics, drinks cans and other product packaging.

Ask us about Vinyl Printing & Custom Stickers.

Direct to Product

Direct-to-product printing is a method we use to personalise products such as board games (see our personalised monopoly project).

The process involves sending the product through a specialised printer. The inks are cured instantly with UV light, allowing faster production speeds. Direct-to-product printing is a versatile and efficient method for product personalisation, offering high-quality results on a wide range of substrates.

Ask us about Vinyl Printing & Custom Stickers.

Using AI with Live Event Printing

Integrating AI into Live Event Printing revolutionises the experience. It empowers your guests to craft designs that exude professionalism and finesse. Through AI, we offer diverse avenues for design creation, from text prompts to selecting predefined options and styles or even leveraging complementary technologies like Screen Graffiti, which transforms doodles into remarkable artwork. AI enables us to seamlessly infuse these designs with your brand identity and messaging, resulting in bespoke creations tailored specifically to your guests and your event.

Some Live Event Printing Projects