Prize Vault

Ideal for trade show stands and activations that want to drive footfall and create a buzz, Prize Vault takes a simple prize mechanic and turns it into a powerful driver of traffic to your event.

In its basic form, the Prize vault is a small box with a touch screen and a door; your guests scan a QR code and receive a four-digit PIN on their mobile phone. They then enter the code to see if it opens the vault. The concept is simple, but like so much of what we do, there’s more to it than you might think.

Engage Attendees with Interactive Prize Vault

Interactive Prize Vault by Noonah is an interactive and engaging tech solution designed for promotional events and campaigns. It uses a physical vault combined with digital technology to create a captivating experience where participants can win prizes.

We developed Prize Vault to address two critical demands for event planners and trade show exhibitors: increasing footfall and collecting valuable data.

Drive Footfall, Giveaway Prizes and Collect Data

We developed Prize Vault to address two critical demands that rank high on the priority list of all event planners and tradeshow exhibitors: footfall and data.

To boost footfall, Prize Vault works on a dual front, enticing existing customers to visit your booth while also attracting new prospects. For established customers, we recommend sending invites with a unique four-digit code before the event. During the event, use attention-grabbing signage and messages to encourage participation.

You have control over the prizes. Some prefer a few high-value prizes, while others opt for frequent, low-value giveaways. Both strategies work effectively, and our system provides complete control.

Boost Brand Interaction and Data Collection with Our Customisable Prize Vault

Whether you want to grow your mailing list, capture leads, or gain customer insights, our Prize Vault platform can be fully customised to collect any data you need. Users are required to complete specific criteria or answer questions on their phones before receiving their code.

This flexibility allows you to tailor data collection to your specific goals and maximise the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Find out more about how we can help you achieve your objectives with Noonah’s Prize Vault.

Maximise Promotional Impact with Noonah’s Prize Vault At Your Event

Noonah’s Prize Vault is designed with a small footprint to fit in the smallest trade show stands. For those wanting a larger impact, we offer options with multiple doors. Additionally, we can collaborate with you to integrate the system into a custom set or stand design, ensuring it meets your specific requirements and enhances the overall event experience. Whether you need a compact or expansive setup, Prize Vault can be tailored to suit your needs.

Prize Vault

Measuring only 47cm wide, 30cm deep, and 42cm high, Prize Vault is designed to fit into even the smallest trade show setups seamlessly.

With complete control over its touchscreen interface, we can tailor the user experience to match your event or campaign branding. Equipped with its own sound system, Prize Vault ensures winners (and losers) enjoy their own sound effects, adding to the excitement. These effects can be customised to suit your event’s ambience.

To amplify Prize Vault’s impact, we offer customisable options, including branded plinths and signage featuring attention-grabbing elements like the iconic big arrow. Alternatively, we’re happy to collaborate with you on your own unique design vision. Get Prize Vault at your next event.

Prize Locker

Used in recent brand activations for Sports Direct, MyProtein, and Pravha, our Prize Locker takes the Prize Vault technology and applies it to a set of 12 classic sports lockers.

This larger unit naturally has more presence than the smaller Prize Vault and is especially relevant to exercise and sports brands that are running activations.

Working equally well at an expo or high street activation as it did in Sports Direct’s flagship store on Oxford Street, Prize Locker creates a standalone focal point which is guaranteed to draw the crowds.

Prize Wall

The Prize Wall offers unparalleled impact for brand activations aiming for maximum attention. Harnessing our cutting-edge Prize Vault technology, it transforms an entire wall into a dynamic array of interactive doors.

When Barclays selected the Prize Wall for their activation at Wimbledon 2023, they adorned the entire wall with lush foliage, resulting in a breathtaking display.

More recently, the Noonah team showcased Prize Wall on our stand at the ETL and Confex trade shows, giving away a lot of Tony’s Chocalonley, creating a real buzz, and capturing a phenomenal amount of data in the process.

If you want to go big, then talk to the team about Prize Wall.

Prize Vault Key Features

Fully Customisable Web App

Simply scan a QR code at your event to open Prize Vault’s fully customisable web app. It’s through the web app that users enter their details and are prompted to fill in any custom fields and answer any questions before being issued their 4-digit code.

HTML Emails

The Prize Vault platform can deliver a four-digit code in a fully customisable HTML email to your customer base before your event. These emails are used to incentivise those already on your mailing list to visit your event and try their luck at opening the Prize Vault (before catching up with you on your latest offerings).

Custom SFX

The sound effects of guests winning and losing at your event create a real stir and draw crowds from far and wide. We can use any sounds for the alerts, whether they are stock or tailored specifically to your brand or event, and we can control the volume according to what’s appropriate.

Control the Frequency of Wins

It’s vital that the number of prizes you have to giveaway is scheduled according to the duration of the event and how busy it is. Our Prize Vault platform gives us full control so if you are expecting a busy event and have lots to giveaway we set the win frequency accordingly.

Tiered Winners

If you have different tiers of customers or guests and want to reflect that with the likelihood of winning or (on our multi-door options) give certain tiers of users a better prize, then our Prize Vault platform is for you.

How does Prize Vault work?

Get Prize Vault at your next Event

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