AI Trading Cards

Our AI Trading Cards offer a truly unique experience combining Photo Capture, Design, and Live Event Printing. This super-engaging activity allows your guests to design and create their very own Trading Cards on the spot.

Perfect for conferences, trade shows, and brand activations, our trading cards transform your guests into any number of characters, from superheroes to zombies, immortalising them as both a printed and digital Trading Card.

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Step 1: Photo & Data Capture

The first step in creating a trading card is photo capture, and as the industry leader in event photo capture, we have many photo booth options.

As your guests get ready for their picture, our software prompts them for their name, email, and any other information you need. The booth then directs them to pose and takes their picture. After that, your guest can add superpowers, adjusting strengths and weaknesses using onscreen sliders.

Step 2: Design

Our super-powerful AI Photo Booth technology can turn your guests into anything imaginable; it’s entirely up to you. You can have a fun theme for your event, such as aliens or historical characters, or you can go for something more professional, like corporate mugshots.

We can also use AI to generate custom backgrounds or use templated backgrounds and overlays for consistency. Whatever setup you decide, the experience is quick and fun, and gives your guests all the tools they need to create a professional and unique trading card design.

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Step 3: Printing

After finishing the design, our on-site team prints it onto a high-quality card, applies a branded back to the reverse and then uses a punch to trim.

We also offer several options to keep the card protected: we can laminate it, provide a protective wallet, or give your guests a lanyard to wear the card around their neck at your event.

Step 4: TikTok & Social Sharing

In addition to a printed card, your guests will also receive an email containing a revolving MP4 animation of their card optimised to share on TikTok and Instagram.

If you want to supercharge your event’s social footprint, combine Trading Cards with our ShareStation+ platform. This will allow your guests to share directly on social media from their phones by scanning a simple QR code.

Think AI Trading Cards could be good for your event?

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