Glamdroid® is a cutting-edge camera system designed for capturing high-quality, shareable videos at events. Inspired by the high-speed robotics and super slow-motion video techniques made famous by Cole Walliser at prestigious events like the Oscars and Met Ball, Glamdroid® brings this technology to a broader audience, including agencies, brands, and private events.

Glamdroid® is the premier Glambot Camera in the UK, celebrated for its innovative event photography and videography. It’s the go-to option for anyone seeking to elevate their events with unique and memorable video captures.

For an A-list experience that delivers shareable, branded videos, Glamdroid® stands as the top choice. Look no further!

The UK’s Glambot Camera for Events & Activations

Since its launch two years ago, Glamdroid® has made appearances at prestigious events ranging from the red carpet at the Sports Personality of the Year Awards to Oxford Street’s Nike Town and even TikTok’s end-of-year party.

Its widespread success and popularity among major events and brands stem from its ability to strike the perfect balance between quality of experience, cost, and capability. As a leading Glambot Camera for Events, Glamdroid® offers exceptional performance without requiring a massive budget, heavy lifting equipment, or a large team to operate it.

Unlike budget cameras entering the market, Glamdroid® is a serious piece of kit designed for high-profile events. The difference is that we have kept the size down while maintaining the quality that the biggest brands and best events expect from a top-tier Glambot Camera.

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Glamdroid® Key Features

Industry-Leading Super-Fast, Robotic Technology Camera

Built on an industry-leading robotic platform, Glamdroid® is the most versatile
glambot camera on the market. Super-fast and super-smooth movements can be programmed to create sequences unique to your event. Unlike other glambot cameras, Glamdroid® uses cutting-edge safety sensors that immediately stop the arm if users get too close.

High-Speed Robotic Camera Arms

Other robotic camera arms such use an exposed camera connected to a PC to capture the action, an approach which works for 2-hour events with technicians on hand but its not a practical solution for the majority of events. Glamdroid® mitigates this issue by using a uniquely designed head which houses and protects a maintenance-free high-speed camera.

HD Prompt Screen

Located below the lens in Glamdroid®’s camera housing is a unique 50mm prompt screen, the screen can be used to instruct users, preparing them and counting down to the action. The system can be used to replace the need for yet more event staff to direct the action. Completely customisable the content and design that appear on the screen can be tailored to your event and brand.

Smaller and Lighter Glambot Camera

The sheer size and weight of glambot camera arms have, until now, meant exorbitant transport costs, large teams and access issues that limit them to only the largest spaces. Glamdroid® is half the size and weight of the competition which means that it’s easier and cheaper to transport, it works in smaller venues and doesn’t require a large team.

Programmable Movements

As well as a number of preset movements, we can choreograph Glamdroid®’s arm to match your event. If you want to keep it simple and classy, we can do that, but if you want something quicker and more fun, then let us know.

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A Glambot Camera Arm Optimised for Social Media

The fact that TikTok chose Glamdroid® for their end-of-year party proves the point that when it comes to UGC and maximising social footprint, there is no better Glambot camera arm than Glamdroid®.

Glamdroid® eliminates the waiting game of processing outputs on a PC and the hassle of technicians manually sending them to you. With Glamdroid®, it’s simple: you do your thing, and then when you’re finished, simply scan a QR code and share the output directly to TikTok, Instagram or any other social app installed on your phone.

We have the capability to incorporate intros, outros, overlays, and music into your event’s outputs, ensuring that your brand is prominently featured at the forefront of the thousands of impressions they generate.

Amplify your UGC with Glamdroid® x ShareStation+

Remove all friction from UGC with the latest version of our sharing system, ShareStation+! The latest update to our sharing system means that sharing Glamdroid® outputs to TikTok or Insta is only one QR scan away. As soon as the action is over, your guest simply scans a unique QR code to access their video in ShareStation+ along with the option to share it directly to any social app installed on their phone.

ShareStation+ removes the barriers to your guests sharing their Glamdroid® videos and since launching the new product in January 2024, we have seen a dramatic increase in shares and impressions across all our Glamdroid® projects.

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Glamdroid® – Robotic Camera Arms for a Corporate Award Evening

Hire Glamdroid® Robotic Camera Arms for your event, whether it’s corporate, promotional, or private. Enhance your occasion with high-quality, shareable videos and give your guests an unforgettable experience.

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