360 Photo Booth

Our 360 Photo Booths remain as popular as ever, and it is not hard to understand why, featuring at brand activations, red-carpet events and awards ceremonies, nothing creates a buzz like a Noonah 360 Photo Booth.

As 360 pioneers, Noonah sets the benchmark for unparalleled 360 experiences endorsed by esteemed brands and agencies worldwide. If you need a 360 that combines the best hardware and events staff with TikTok-optimised outputs and zero compromises, talk to the team.

The Home of the 360 Photo Booth

At Noonah, we’re passionate about 360 experiences; they’re dynamic and fun and can serve as the cornerstone of wide-reaching UGC campaigns. However, to achieve exceptional results, it’s crucial to partner with experts who utilise premium, dependable equipment and possess a proven track record of delivering excellence at prestigious events and high-profile activations. That’s why clients like Disney, McDonald’s, ASOS, and Coca-Cola trust us to deliver.

Nobody does 360 Photo Booths like Noonah

What is a 360 Photo Booth?

A 360 photo booth features a circular platform where your guest (or guests) stand while a camera, mounted on a boom arm, swiftly revolves around them. This creates a dynamic short-form video capturing your guests from every angle.

The 360 Photo Booth’s platform is fully brandable, and when paired with a branded backdrop or set and expertly executed lighting, the outputs are immense. The 360 Photo Booth generates genuine red-carpet excitement at your event and delivers instantly shareable outputs, ideal for TikTok and Instagram.

Talk to us about your 360 Photo Booth requirements

Our team is ready to help you choose the right engagement tech for your event. Just give us a call!

Optimised for Social Media

Perfect for TikTok and Instagram, our 360 Photo Booth uses the best quality video capture, and our software can apply a myriad of effects, branded overlays and music to your guest’s outputs.

To give your brand or event maximum exposure on social we can add intros and outros to your 360 video outputs and can add static or motion overlays. The duration of the video can be tailored to your requirements and our experienced events team will ensure that your guests give it all they’ve got.

Capture Data and Maximise UGC with 360 Photo Booth x ShareStation+

Our brand new ShareStation+ removes all friction from your UGC, once your guests step off the 360 platform, they can effortlessly access their video by scanning a unique QR code on their phone. From there, they have the option to instantly share it to any social app installed on their device.

With ShareStation+ we can also capture user data, perfect if you want to grow your mailing list or do some market research. Developed in-house by our team, ShareStation+ is exclusive to Noonah, so if you want to maximise the social footprint of your next event. Get in touch!

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