Photo Mosaic Wall

Perfect for conferences, trade shows and corporate events, our Photo Mosaic Wall is the perfect way to mobilise your guests and have them contribute towards the focal point of your event.

Combining photo capture, live event printing and a stunning mosaic centrepiece, Photo Mosaic Wall gives your guests a break from your event’s schedule and have some fun. The end result? A breathtaking mosaic masterpiece composed of the collective snapshots of your attendees.

Printed Photo Mosaic for your Live Event

Build community around a shared vision

As guests contribute their images to your photo mosaic wall, your chosen image gradually emerges. An image that holds meaning for your guests is ideal but should you lack a suitable shot to use, we can create a custom graphic infused with your brand identity or cause.

Our photo mosaics come in a range of sizes, from a compact 75cm with 225 tiles to an impressive 4.5 meters wide, boasting over 4000 tiles. No matter the scale of your event, we have a photo mosaic for you.

Photo Mosaic Wall – The Process

1. Photo Capture

With a Photo Mosaic Wall, there’s a myriad of ways we can capture your guests’ images. You can opt to have a Photo Booth at your event, leverage our Virtual Photo Booth accessible via guests’ mobile phones, employ a roaming event photographer, or gather images through social media using a designated hashtag.

2. Printing

Immediately after capturing the image, our sophisticated software syncs it, assigning a unique tile number while overlaying the selfie with a small portion of the final image. Our specialized printers then meticulously print the tiles, ready to be handed over to your guest for placement on the mosaic wall.

3. Building the Mosaic

Each tile is printed with a unique number, corresponding to a specific location on the Mosaic Wall. With guidance from our technician, if required, your guests find their designated spot and affix their tile. Our software strategically orders the tile locations, ensuring the mosaic develops evenly across the image. In the rare instance that some gaps remain by the end of your event, our system replicates images, and our technician will use them to fill any remaining spaces.

4. After your Event

Once your event is over, we offer the option to frame your mosaic for you and can provide you with a digital version, which you can host on your website or share with attendees post-event.

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Photo Mosaic in Action

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