AI Photo Booth

Combining our unmatched photo booth expertise with the limitless potential of Artificial Intelligence, our AI Photo Booth unlocks a new world of themed photo experiences.

AI Photo Booth can transform your guests into anything from superheroes to zombies, movie stars to sports pros. Choose from one of our existing themes or talk to our team to find out how we can turn your guests into a persona or character that is tailored to your event or brand.

AI Photo Booth Projects

Themed AI Photo Experiences for Events

How it Works

1. Photo & Data Capture

Our fully branded AI Photo Booth experience starts with seamless data capture. We gather essential information, including the user’s email, name, and any additional data required for your event. Next, the booth takes a photo of your guest, serving as the foundation for their AI transformation.

The AI Photo Booth guides guests into position and walks them through the process. Once the picture is taken and approved by the guest, they are ready for their AI transformation. Did you know?: Our AI Photo Booth platform can work in most of our booth configurations from our retro photo kiosk to our all new X Booth.

2. Choosing a Theme

Our AI Photobooth can transform your guests into anything imaginable. We offer a library of preset themes, or we can create a custom theme based on your event’s specific needs.

Whether you want to turn your guests into famous cartoon characters or sports stars, or simply provide them with a variety of fun options, our AI Photobooth can do it all.If a guest isn’t completely satisfied with their AI creation, they can easily regenerate it—it’s all part of the fun.

Got a question about our AI Themes? Ask the Team.

3. Design Options and Branding

Give your guests creative control over their images by allowing them to choose their backgrounds and overlay frames.

Using pre-configured background images and overlays enables us to standardise design elements such as branding and helps to create uniformity across images. Each theme comes with its own set of complementary backgrounds and overlays for guests to choose from, or we can customise them to fit your event and brand perfectly.

Overlay frames can feature your guests’ names, your brand, or a message, as seen on our AI Trading Cards.

AI Photo Booth Add-Ons

Lanyards and Profile Pics

Integrating AI Photo Booth into the registration process at your conference or corporate event provides an exciting start to your event, and the outputs can be used as guests’ profile pictures or printed for their lanyards.

Themed outputs, such as superheroes, serve as great icebreakers during networking sessions with colleagues. For a more professional look, our corporate headshot theme is ideal.

Talk to the team.

Trading Cards

Our AI Trading Cards product uses AI Photo Booth to immortalise your guests, allowing them to design their own digital and printed trading cards.

With AI Trading Cards, guests can add messages, superpowers, and customize backgrounds and overlays. The finished design is printed onto a two-sided card, featuring their personalized design on the front and event branding on the back.

Additionally, a TikTok-optimized MP4 of the card revolving is created, which can be emailed directly to your guests or shared on social media via our Share Station+ add-on.

Live Event Printing

Once your guests have designed their personalised digital avatars, our Live Event Printing team can print their unique creations on a wide range of products, including t-shirts, tote bags, bucket hats, and more.

Combining AI Photo Booth with Live Event Printing takes engagement to another level, providing guests with an unforgettable, hands-on experience and a customised keepsake. Whether for brand activations, corporate events, or just for fun, our seamless integration of AI Photo Booth with Live Event Printing is an experience guaranteed to make an impact!

Digital Mosaic

Combining AI Photo Booth with our market-leading Digital Mosaic is a no-brainer.

Our Digital Mosaic is the perfect solution for compiling your guests creations into one communal masterpiece, representing your event and fostering a real sense of community. This mosaic can be displayed on a screen during your event for an exciting visual representation and embedded on your website to extend the experience beyond the event.

Find out more about Digital Mosaic and AI Photo Booth.

AI Photo Booth on Your Smartphone

Experience the power of our AI Photo Booth on your mobile phone with the AI Photo Booth Web App.

Delivering much of the functionality of its full-size counterpart our AI Photo Booth Web App offers guests AI-generated portraits no matter where they are. Perfect for digital campaigns, virtual events, and maximising participation at physical events. Simply seed QR codes around your venue and through your social and digital channels to make it super-easy for everyone to have their own AI transformation. Like its full-sized counterpart, we can brand the web app’s output to your event and add data capture as part of the experience. Talk to the team to find out what our AI Photo Booth Web App can do.

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