Digital Mosaic

Digital Mosaic is essential for any event that incorporates photo capture, as it seamlessly combines all of your guests’ images into an interactive, communal masterpiece.

A digital photo mosaic creates the perfect focal point, visually representing your event and the people who took part.

Developed by our in-house team, our market-leading digital mosaic is completely unique, offering an unmatched array of options and features.

Mosaic Wall for Virtual & In-Person Events

Build a Community Around your Event

Whether your event is in-person or virtual the beauty of our Digital Mosaic is that builds a sense of community.

Our Digital Mosaic compiles individual selfies into one interactive tiled image. It gives your guests a platform to identify themselves, express their personality and become part of your event and your community of guests.

Our fully searchable mosaics mean that guests can quickly find their friends and colleagues or browse the mosaic to see who else has attended. With our Digital Mosaic, we can also display information about attendees such as interests, location, pledges, its a great way to give everyone at your event a voice.

See Digital Mosaic in action

Digital Photo Mosaic – Step by Step

1. Setting up your Mosaic

Before your event, our team will work with you to establish what size mosaic you will need and what guest data you would like to capture. You can ask your guests to make a pledge or ask them a question we can then display this information as part of their individual tiles on the final mosaic.

2. Deciding How to Capture your Guests

Step two is establishing the best way to capture your guest’s. Our Digital Mosaic has been designed to work seamlessly with all of our photo (and video) capture platforms, so we can provide any number of physical photo booths at your event or give guests the option to submit an image from their camera roll. For larger events and those that may be happening virtually, our Photo Booth web app is a great solution and if you want to go all out, why not capture video messages from your guests or use our AI Photo Booth to create images that are themed to your event. With Noonah, the options are endless.

3. At Your Event

As your guests take their pictures and add their info, they start to appear on your Digital Mosaic and as it builds momentum, the image you chose for your mosaic starts to appear. Our Mosaic refreshes every few seconds, so as soon as an image has been submitted, the user can view themselves either on their phone, laptop or on screens at your event. The great thing about Digital Mosaic is that it can appear anywhere you choose and is accessible by anyone, anywhere.

4. Using Digital Mosaic

As your mosaic starts forming, users can initiate searches for themselves, friends, and colleagues. Simply typing a name into the mosaic’s search bar directs the user to the corresponding tile. Here, any collected user information, pledges, or facts are displayed. If video messaging is enabled, clicking on the tile triggers the playback of the video message. If not searching for a specific person, guests can enjoy exploring the mosaic, gaining insight into attendees and the messages they’ve shared.

5. After your Event

Once your event has finished your Digital Mosaic can live securely on our servers for as long as you would wish. You can send your guests a link to the finished mosaic as part of your post-event comms or use it as the centrepiece for an ongoing campaign. However, you choose to use it, there is no better way of recording your event.

# Hashtag Mode

With Hashtag Mode, your guests can effortlessly share their photos for your mosaic by simply using a hashtag on Instagram, TikTok, X, or Facebook – their preferred social media platform. Before appearing in the mosaic, all images undergo moderation to ensure appropriateness, which can be done either through AI or manual review, based on your preference.

Hashtag Mode streamlines the process for guests worldwide to contribute their images, eliminating the need for a traditional photo booth. Additionally, guests have the freedom to choose their favorite images from their social media accounts. For more details on how Hashtag Mode can enhance your event, reach out to the team.

Digital Mosaic Features

Data & Moderation

Here at Noonah, we take data and content moderation very seriously. All user data is stored in accordance with the strictest data regulations, including GDPR, and we offer a wide set of tools in regards to image and content control, including AI-powered moderation.

Fully Searchable

Digital Mosaic’s unrivalled search functionality can help you instantly locate participants by name or any other information added at the point of submission.

Infinitely Scalable

Our Virtual Mosaic platform is incredibly powerful, designed and built in-house to work for the biggest events and brand campaigns; unlike other products on the market, our platform remains stable and fully functional at all sizes and is, in effect, infinitely scalable.

Rapid Refresh Rate

Unlike many of the mosaic products out there, our Mosaic refreshes every 5-15 seconds meaning that users can find themselves straight away and see the mosaic growing in real time.

Capture Data and Insight

The breadth of our Digital Mosaics functions and its compatibility with our full catalogue of photo and video capture products means that we can use Digital Mosaic to capture anything you want from guest data and feedback to pledges and messages.

Video Messaging

When teamed up with our Video Booth Web App, our Digital Mosaic can include video messages, testimonials and questions from your guests. An amazingly powerful feature that is great if you want to give your guests a platform to speak or get them to pose questions for speakers at your conference.

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