AI Tattoo Station

Transform your event with Noonah’s AI Tattoo Experience, where guests can create unique tattoo designs and have them instantly applied as temporary tattoos!

Type in a few prompts and witness our cutting-edge AI technology transform them into unique tattoo designs with Noonah’s AI Tattoo Station at your event.

AI Tattoo Projects

Creative Brand Experience for Events & Activations

Unlike traditional event activities, our AI Tattoo Experience allows guests to actively participate in creating personalised tattoo designs based on their own prompts. This hands-on approach fosters a sense of creativity and self-expression and serves as a unique form of entertainment that keeps guests engaged and excited throughout the event.

Moreover, the instant printing and application of these designs as temporary tattoos provide attendees with tangible souvenirs, creating lasting memories associated with your brand or event. Whether you aim to attract a diverse audience, increase social media buzz, or offer something unforgettable, incorporating this AI Tattoo Experience ensures your event stands out as a dynamic and memorable experience for all participants.

AI Temporary Tattoos – How it Works

1. Input Your Prompts

Stepping up to our AI Tattoo Experience station, guests begin by typing in a few prompts that resonate with them. These prompts could be meaningful quotes, favourite symbols, or anything that sparks their imagination.

2. AI Design Generation

Our state-of-the-art AI technology then takes their prompts and interprets them creatively. It generates a bespoke tattoo design that reflects the event and personal style.

3. On-Site Printing

Once your guest is satisfied with the design, we bring it to life before their eyes. Our high-quality printing technology produces the design on durable transfer paper, ready for application.

4. Instant Application

Our event team applies their custom design as a skin-friendly water based transfer. The whole process takes around a minute and the tattoo will typically last between 2-4 days but can be removed earlier.

5. Share Your Tattoo Designs

A digital copy of your guests artwork can be email to their inbox, or for those events where you want to maximise UGC, we can add Share Station+ where guest’s designs are instantly shareable via QR code.

Perfect For Festival Activations

Our temporary tattoo experience offers festival-goers a unique opportunity to engage directly with your brand. At festivals, attendees love to add flair and personality to their festival attire, making branded tattoos a perfect way to integrate your brand into their festival experience.

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