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A revolution in the events industry means that the only limit to what’s possible is the tech you use.

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Virtual Photo Booth

Coming soon: Experience the same exceptional AI photo booth features directly from your mobile phone.

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Anything Imaginable

Our AI Photo Booth transforms ordinary selfies into anything imaginable.
Combining the best hardware with Noonah’s AI expertise, the booth has a fast-growing library of modes that guarantee ground-breaking outputs tailored to your event, brand or theme.

What makes AI Photo Booth Different?

Outputs in Seconds not Minutes

Unlike the competition, our AI photo booth does not rely on an internet connection and processes superior-quality outputs locally in seconds rather than minutes.

Gender, Ethnicity & Age

AI may misinterpret gender, ethnicity, and age; we empower users by allowing them to choose their gender, skin colour, and age before capturing their photo.


AI Themer Mode

Step into a world of unparalleled creativity with Themer Mode, which seamlessly transforms your audience into avatars of your chosen theme, whether it’s a dynamic brand campaign, a blockbuster film release, or a seasonal setting.

The AI intelligently adjusts poses, settings, clothing, and expressions, immersing participants in a stunning visual narrative. This isn’t just an AI photo generator; it’s a gateway to unforgettable experiences. Make your event stand out with Noonah’s AI photo booth – where innovation meets imagination.

AI Headshots Mode

Elevate your event experience by offering attendees flawlessly lit, photorealistic headshots and creating a stunning, personalised selfie tailored to the event’s branding and style. These versatile headshots can serve as event media, perfect for ID badges, office lanyards, and professional platforms like LinkedIn.

Imagine your guests proudly showcasing their airbrushed headshots in various professional contexts, corporate gatherings, conferences, or special events. Noonah’s AI Headshots Mode adds a touch of sophistication, making each headshot a perfect and practical event experience.

AI TimeMachine Mode

Travel through time with Noonah’s AI Time Machine Photos mode. It allows users to experience historical milestones, future landscapes, or age transformations.

This mode offers an opportunity for event organisers, marketers, and brands to create immersive, shareable content that resonates with diverse audiences. Whether incorporated into marketing campaigns or brand experiences, Noonah’s AI Time Machine mode is a powerful photo AI editing tool for crafting unforgettable moments that leave a lasting impression and foster a sense of connection with your brand or event.

AI Stylize Mode

Transform ordinary snapshots into pieces of art, each embodying a unique and visually striking style. Whether it’s the charm of anime, the fun of cartoons, the bold strokes of comics, or even the elegance of renowned art styles, our AI Stylize Mode unlocks a world of creative possibilities.

Attendees can instantly generate stunning AI-styled photos, enhancing their visual appeal and creating a buzz on social media platforms. By sharing these beautifully stylised AI images, your event or brand experience becomes a trendsetter, establishing a dynamic online presence and fostering meaningful connections with your audience.

AI Destination Mode

Jetset your attendees to any location of their dreams; this mode allows attendees to find themselves amid the lush greenery of a jungle, the tranquil shores of a beach, the bustling energy of New York’s Times Square, or even the majestic grandeur of the pyramids.

The AI Destination Mode immerses participants in these visually stunning landscapes and can transform the outcomes into personalised branded postcards, creating tangible mementoes. Attendees can share their customised AI images on social media, magnifying your event’s reach and making a lasting connection with your brand.

Key Features

Superior Quality Outputs

Experience stunning resolution and exceptional AI-generated content, without the need for an internet connection – ensuring every captured moment is a masterpiece.

Super-Fast Outputs

Images are processed using powerful onboard computing power, meaning that your photo opp is not followed by a 15-minute wait for your output.

Interchangeable Camera Tech

AI Photo Booth’s revolutionary design means that we can use any camera body and lens to capture your guests, ensuring that you get the best possible shots which are tailored to your event.

Programmable LED Lighting

LED lighting on the side of our AI Photo booth can be programmed to match your brand colours or event’s theme while the LED Lighting on the front of the unit can be fine-tuned to perfectly light your guests.

Future Proof with Regular Software Updates

AI is rapidly evolving, and our AI Photo Booth has been designed to evolve, too! Regular software and firmware updates mean that new modes and functionality are being added all the time.

Easy-Brand Branding System

Using our very own ‘Easy-Brand’ branding system our AI Photo Booth uses the latest magnet-backed prints to easily add your colours and design.

Why Choose AI Photo Booth?

Take your brand experiences to the next level with Noonah’s AI Photo Booth. Whether it’s internal activations, marketing campaigns, or events, Noonah’s AI Photo Booth is not just a tool; it’s a catalyst for immersive and shareable brand experiences. There’s plenty of modes and customisation features to capture the essence of your brand and foster lasting connections by immersing your audience in a world of possibilities.

Moderation & Client Control

Experience unparalleled control and security with Noonah’s AI Photo Booth. Unlike relying on generalised AI tools, we take pride in training our own AI, granting us meticulous control over its functions.

This distinctive approach empowers us to provide robust moderation and client control features, ensuring a customised and secure experience for every user. Moreover, we have localised our AI, ensuring that all selfies and event photos remain securely within our system, eliminating any risk of data loss or unauthorised sharing on the internet. With Noonah, rest assured that your event memories are not only expertly captured but also safeguarded with utmost precision and care.

Dedicated AI Dev Team

We offer the invaluable support of a dedicated AI development team to accompany your event or brand experience, ensuring a seamless and exceptional event experience.

Our skilled professionals work hand-in-hand with you, leveraging their expertise to tailor and optimise the AI features, ensuring they align perfectly with your brand vision. With this dedicated support, not only do we assist in creating a perfect and immersive experience for your audience, but we also stand ready to promptly address any tech issues onsite. Trust Noonah to deliver cutting-edge technology and provide the unwavering support needed to make your event a resounding success.

Future-proof Design

Introducing a brand new design – our state-of-the-art booth is meticulously designed to house our ground-breaking AI technology.

This brand-new booth boasts interchangeable cameras, ensuring outstanding adaptability and delivering the highest quality outputs for every occasion. The outer shell is fully brandable, providing a customisable canvas to showcase your brand. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the booth’s design prioritises functionality, making setup a breeze, offering portability for diverse event venues, and ensuring accessibility for all. This future-proof design reflects our commitment to cutting-edge technology and positions Noonah as a pioneer in creating a versatile and immersive experience for events of all scales.

The Best Hardware

Noonah’s AI Photo Booth stands out as a beacon of excellence for its state-of-the-art software and housing the best-in-class hardware.

Our commitment to delivering the highest quality outputs is evident in carefully selecting components that power our photo booth. Every element is meticulously chosen to exceed industry standards, from top-tier cameras ensuring crystal-clear images to robust processors that handle complex AI algorithms seamlessly. The result is a photo booth that captures moments with precision and guarantees reliability and performance.

Gender, ethnicity and age

Our AI Photo Booth consistently delivers accurate results, empowering users to take control of their AI-generated image by selecting their gender, skin colour, and age before processing their photo.

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