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Supporting Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

Sheffield Children's Hospital use Noonah technology at their annual conference

The NHS is faced with unprecedented challenges; 328,000 children and young people in South Yorkshire alone are faced with the highest deprivation rates, health inequalities, and worst health outcomes in the country. Christmas time is no exception, that’s why this festive season, we wanted to help our local trust, Sheffield’s Children’s Hospital, when they needed it most. We offer to support the hospital by any means possible in doing its part, not just at Christmas time but throughout the year.

Sheffield Children’s Hospital reached out to us for a solution for their upcoming, life-changing Clinical Strategy Day. This important internal affair communicated its strategies supporting its mission for a healthier future for children and young people. With the support of more than 1,000 patients, parents, colleagues, partners, and communities, it was vital that the event could bring everyone together.

For the first time since the pandemic, Sheffield’s Children’s Hospital workers came together to celebrate and share their ways of providing a healthier future for children and young people. We donated our most powerful and intuitive Virtual Mosaic 3.0 software that used photos from the event to create a beautiful picture of the families supported by Sheffield’s Children’s Hospital. The photos were taken using a fully branded Sleek Photobooth and, for those that couldn’t attend in person, a state-of-the-art Virtual Photo Booth+. The technology was the pinnacle of bringing colleagues together and reminded carers, nurses, and support workers across the UK why they love working for the NHS. It instilled a sense of pride in their impact on the organization, demonstrating the critical role played by every individual within the greater whole.

Our Virtual Mosaics 3.0 solution was the focal point of the conference and brought smiles to everyone. The mosaics demonstrated the incredible effect that each member has on the community. It also is a remarkable reminder of a time when everyone came together, whether the mosaic is viewed as printable artwork proudly hung within the hospital or digitally across communications.

“For many of our colleagues attending the event it was the first time that they have been together in the same space since the pandemic. To see people having so much fun with the photo booth, and to witness all the amazing selfies flying in to the virtual mosaic was fabulous. It really captured the spirit of the Sheffield Children’s team and added so much to the event” Kate Firth.

At a time of giving, businesses must continue to support their local communities, especially now more than ever. We pride ourselves on providing a duty of care for those struggling, which is why we continue to support Sheffield Children’s Hospital and many other charities.

Sheffield Children’s Hospital needs our continued support; if you would like to donate, please visit: tchc.org.uk

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