Live Event Printing

Expand your brand loyalty through product personalisation

Live Event Printing

Engage with your guests and give them the chance to customise their products with Live Event Printing, creating an exciting and immersive experience.

Guests create unique and personal merchandise using branded graphics and images, engaging creatively with your brand in a fun way.

You provide a library of branded designs for customers to interact with, creating the perfect keepsake that will keep you in the front of your consumers mind, and build meaningful relationships.

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User Experience

1. Design

Consumers use screens to design branded bags, t-shirts and more

2. Print

Designs are instantly printed onto merchendise live at events

3. Keepsake

Consumers receive their branded merchandise to takeaway as a keepsake from the event

1. Software

Our Live Event Printing software can be customised for your event.

Add your branding, stamps and designs for consumers to use as they create their personalised products.

2. Set Up

From custom interactive screens, heat presses and printers, our team will find the best method and set-up based on your needs, budget and location.

Let us know what kind of experience you want to create and our experiential experts will do the rest.

3. Keepsake
Let consumers personalise their products.
Combine Live Event Printing with a variety of merchandise from tote bags to water bottles.
We can even offer consumers the chance to personalise your products as they design a customised label which can then be added to your products.
Consumers get a treasured product to take away from your event and you build your brand loyalty and brand exposure.


Add your branding or event branding to the Live Event Printing Bar. This maximises your exposure at events and draws consumers to your activation.

Drawstring Bags

Consumers take away their custom branded drawstring bags from your event. We can even add sacks for the Christmas season

Water Bottles

Let consumers personalise branded water bottles live at your event

Baseball Caps

Consumers become brand ambassadors as they wear your branding on their head

Custom Product Labels

Consumers can print their designs to your products, taking away personalised keepsakes from your event


Add consumer’s branded designs to mugs. They’ll see your brand every time they have a cup of tea

Tote Bags

Consumers design personalised branded bags to take away from your event

Bar Runners and Bottle Openers

Add consumer’s designs and your brand to bar merchandise

Fridge Magnets, Keyrings and Luggage Tags

Consumers take your brand with them everywhere when you Live Event Print to magnets, keyrings and luggage tags