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Create that one-of-a-kind perfect shot. Then create it again and again. We program our state of the art robot to create a custom cinematic video experience capturing…
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Human Holograms

The Human Holograms system creates the illusion of life size holograms for consumers to view and interact with, then share the resulting videos and photos to social media. You can…
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GIF Booth

Give consumers a next level photo experience at your event with the Noonah GIF booth. Loop your consumer’s snaps into fun, branded GIFs. A huge trend. Right now.
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Globe Snap

Using a special 360 camera we can capture the whole world in just one shot – creating an awesome panoramic output. This system is the perfect way to snap a…
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Green Screen

The clever tech inside the green screen removes the standard photo booth green screen and replaces it with a fun, personalised background image of your choice. We can…
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