Share Station+

Supercharge user-generated content at your event with the latest version of our sharing system, ShareStation+!

With this update, sharing outputs to TikTok and Instagram is just a QR scan away. Once the action is over, your guest simply scans a unique code to access their output in ShareStation+ and can then share it directly to any social app installed on their phone.

Since the launch of ShareStation+ in January 2024, we have seen a dramatic increase in shares and impressions across the events that have used the system.

Grow your event’s social media footprint

Remove the friction from sharing

Platforms like Instagram and TikTok dramatically increase event engagement and visibility, making it crucial for organisers to simplify guest sharing.

Typically, users receive their photos or videos via email, requiring multiple steps to share on social media, leading to high drop-off rates.

ShareStation+ eliminates this friction by providing each user with a unique QR code for their content, allowing direct sharing to their favourite platform.

Get ShareStation+ at your next event.

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