Digital Graffiti

Digital Graffiti is a fully interactive digital graffiti experience for your activation

Digital Graffiti

The ultimate in brand engagement, Digital Graffiti is a must-have event experience.

Our cutting-edge technology transforms real aerosols into interactive spray paint cans.

The result is the graffiti experience – digitalised.

The wall is simple to use, consumers can’t resist picking up the digital spray cans and getting to work on their masterpiece.

Consumers are excited to share their creations on social with their family and friends and each share carries your brand in the foreground and messaging.

We can even print live to tshirts, mugs, bags, phone cases, stickers, keyrings, caps and more…

User Experience

1. Spray Paint!

Customers spray with their realistic branded digital graffiti can.

2. Design

Interact with stamps, stencils and photos to become their very own Banksy!

3. Share & Print

Share their designs on social media and receive a nice print.

1. Screen Graffiti

Screen Graffiti

A compact and flexible digital graffiti experience.

The Screen Graffiti can be mounted to surfaces or attached to a frame, allowing for placement at space-restricted venues and events such as retail stores.

Using spray cans, users step up to the screen and use realistic graffiti based tools such as stencils, colours palettes and stamps to create their artwork – live!

We can supply the screen graffiti in a variety of sizes, get in touch to find the perfect tech for your event!

2. Two or Three Meter Graffiti Walls

two or three metre

the two metre graffiti wall has a smaller footprint than our regular graffiti wall which makes it great for venues with less space

the three metre graffiti wall  displays the artwork in a large 3m span. Remember with Spray Paint Wall many guests are entertained by observing others creating their artwork


  • footprint: 2.1m (w) x 1.5m (d) x 1.85 (h) or
  • 3.0m (w) x 1.8m (d) x 2.1 (h)
  • power: 13amp power

(note we only need a standard doorway size to deliver the wall. The dimensions above are the built size)

3. Boxed Graffiti Wall


the boxed graffiti wall is a solid enclosure to allow branding to the sides, rear and roof for maximum brand impact.


footprint: 3.1m (w) x 3.1m (d) x 2.35m (h)
power: 13amp power

trade show and exhibition

Draw people onto your stand and keep them there for longer. They hear the spray at max volume and are drawn in to find out more… Ask about printing live to Exhibition Bags

brand and product

Allow customers to colour, play and immerse themselves in your logo, product or rebrand. Ask us about printing live to T-Shirts, Bags, Caps and more…

photo booth mode

We take a photo and fans and consumers give themselves a digital makeover. We add stencils, stickers and emojis to maximise the fun.

Instagram mode allows guests to upload photos to the wall using your event hashtag.

teach graffiti

Our technicians guide fans and delegates in graffiti techniques: layering, cutting and colours. We add templates and stencils for the less artistic so everyone can get involved. Ask us about bringing a real graffiti artist!

feedback wall

Get live feedback from your event – interactively! Delegates spray a star rating, grade the speaker and you can check for knowledge gaps. We set the wall up to capture the feedback in a fun and exciting way. Ask us about our mug pledges

live event printing

We can print consumer’s artwork and photos to bags, hats, t-shirts, phone cases, keyrings live at your event, within minutes of the artwork’s completion.

Reward your guests with a special gift and make sure they remember your brand everytime they look at their phone or open the door.