Cluedo Family Edition

With tech-based toys and e-commerce dominating the market and COVID-19 profoundly impacting footfall, Hasbro approached Noonah to give one of their most famous names, Cluedo, relevance in an ever-competitive retail landscape.

At its core, Cluedo encourages players to become their inner detective and solve a captivating murder mystery. In a bold step forward, the Cluedo Family Edition transforms players from mere spectators of the game to integral characters. No longer are the players detached observers; they are the characters, the suspects, and the detectives themselves, all rolled into one.

Transforming players from mere spectators of the beloved board game to integral characters.

The Cluedo Tour, spanning from Warrington to Swansea, engages consumers across the nation, with many of them leaving glowing reviews. The horsebox featured in the local press in each of its destinations, while a social campaign using local micro-influencers had a ‘significant’ impact on footfall.

The Cluedo Family Edition stands as a pinnacle of innovation and connection. It showcases how a classic can be reimagined and made even more relevant by embracing personalisation and immersive experiences.

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