eBay #SingItShopIt Campaign

When eBay set out to showcase the staggering variety of products available on their platform, they sought a strategy that would not only catch the public’s eye but also engage them in a uniquely memorable manner.

Enter the #SingItShopIt campaign, a creative concept designed around the notion that if you could sing about it, eBay could sell it. The challenge was to turn this clever idea into an interactive experience that resonated with consumers and inspired widespread social media sharing.

Central to the campaign was our bespoke karaoke booth housed in a fully-branded, traditional red phone box.

The #SingItShopIt campaign was an overwhelming success, resonating with consumers across Great Britain. The Karaoke Phone Box became a street sensation, recording over 500 videos.

The success of the #SingItShopIt campaign highlights the potential of experiential marketing to create lasting impressions and meaningful consumer engagement. For eBay, this innovative approach not only showcased their platform’s versatility but also reinforced their brand presence in a fun and interactive manner.

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