In-Store Experience: Fenty Lipstick Engraving & Photo Booth

In the bustling heart of Covent Garden, we partnered with Blacklash to create an in-store experience for the launch of the new Fenty Icon semi-matte refillable lipstick in Boots.

The in-store experience aimed to offer more than just a purchase; it aimed to create memories and provide customers with a tangible reminder of their experience. Recognising the potential of Noonah’s cutting-edge interactive technology, Backlash integrated it into the event to enhance the customer experience.

For the launch of the new Fenty Icon Lipstick, we created a personalised experience for each shopper.

Over the course of the event, approximately 1000 photos were taken in the Noonah photo booth, illustrating the popularity and success of this interactive element. Furthermore, around 50 Fenty lipsticks were engraved, showcasing the appeal of personalised beauty products. By seamlessly integrating Personalize technology into the Fenty launch, the launch succeeded in offering a blend of personalisation, technology, and beauty that left an memorable mark on shoppers.

As retailers continue to explore innovative ways to engage customers in the digital age, collaborations like the Fenty serve as a proof to the transformative power of interactive technology. Noonah’s product personalisation technology has proven its ability to elevate the customer experience, leaving an enduring impact on the way beauty brands connect with their audience. As the industry evolves, it’s clear that personalised, tech-infused experiences are shaping the future of in-store engagements.

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