Nando’s Student Tour Photo Booths

Together with student marketing agency, Raptor, we helped Nando’s connect with their primary market, Gen Zs.

A generation focused on good mental health, the campaign encourages students to take a break, check their energy and refuel amidst the stressful exam season.

Connecting Nando’s with students’ well-being through #PlaceYourAura photo booths and their new ‘mood’ menu.

Nando’s innovative campaign not only sparked the taste buds of a new generation but also offered a fresh perspective on how to connect with a target audience. By creatively using auras, they provided students with a unique and personalised experience that transcended the ordinary. It’s a reminder that in the world of marketing, the most memorable experiences are often the most unexpected ones. Nando’s has certainly set a new standard for culinary engagement, proving that when it comes to creative brand experiences, the sky’s the limit.

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