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Announcement: Exclusive Partnership with Glamdroid®

The first UK premiere of newest robotic camera arm, Glamdroid® at Event Tech Live

It’s here! We’re excited to announce that Noonah is now the exclusive partner of Glamdroid® in the UK, Europe, and North America.

Giving your guests an A-List experience while capturing shareable, branded video, Glamdroid® takes all the excitement of high-speed robotics and super slow-motion video made famous by Cole Walliser at the Oscars and Met Ball and puts it within reach of agencies, brands, and even private events.

The size and weight of Walliser’s Glambot, not to mention the team needed to install and run it has, until now, limited the technology to A-list award shows with the enormous rigs usually positioned outside the venue. Through cutting-edge design and the latest advances in robotic technology, Glamdroid® has eliminated these stumbling blocks, creating a product and an experience unique to the events world and accessible to everyone.

Optimised for TikTok and Instagram, Glamdroid® generates viral-worthy social content that maximises your event exposure and builds brand awareness like no other event tech.

Red Carpet Robotics Made Simple. Get Glamdroid®

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