To celebrate Levi’s 501 Day, noonah provided a Bullet Time to engage shoppers


Levi’s wanted to celebrate the 145th anniversary of the creation of their tradition jeans with a bang. Stores across the world hosted events to promote the occasion.

Noonah was contacted by Levi’s and asked to create an exciting photo capture at the Regent Street flagship store, targeted with increasing social reach and maximising brand engagement.


Our Bullet Time was branded with Levi’s 501 logos and positioned against a 501 backdrop. This photo tech has multiple cameras which fire simultaneously, the photos are then stitched together to create a moving 3D GIF.

Shoppers exploring the exclusive 501 day collection were invited to engage with Levi’s branding and capture their bullet time GIF. Their GIF was instantly processed, branding was added and shoppers could share their branded content straight to social media. Shoppers were also given a branded print of their Bullet Time experience to take away as a memento.


Shoppers loved the experience and really got to work engaging with the brand.

There were over 400 shares at the experience, promoting both Levi’s and their 501 day and generating a huge social reach.


New Look Fashion Week

New Look wanted to give everyone their turn on the catwalk and asked noonah to create the experience.