At Motorcycle Live, Suzuki wanted to engage with consumers and collect qualified leads.

the brief

Suzuki is one of the leading manufacturers of motorbikes in the world. Motorcycle Live is the leading UK motorbike show and Suzuki have a huge presence there.

Suzuki wanted to develop their marketing database and more effectively target consumers.

noonah was asked how they could meet their target of one hundred qualified email addresses per day.

the solution

Augmented Reality Booth augments digital props onto the body bringing the digital and real together.

noonah developed Suzuki style 3D props such as Suzuki helmets, balaclavas, caps and radio microphones. These props were superimposed as people interact with the booth and, by raising your arms (without even touching anything) you can select your favourite prop.

After demonstrating the concept at Suzuki Head Office, the client loved the concept and #SuzukiYourself was born!

To minimise the footprint of the interactive we worked with the stand builder, producing drawings and meetings at the contractors workshop to integrate it into their exhibition stand.

the results

When Suzuki aficionados approached the stand, they were greeted by brand ambassadors who then took them to the Augmented Reality screen. Fans selected which model of motorcycle they appeared with and used their gestures to choose the digital Suzuki caps and helmet styles.

Their #SuzukiYourself experience could be taken away via a branded print out, or through a fully branded share to social media with pre-defined messages and calls to action.

When guests shared their images to social media, they were asked to fill in a short questionnaire which gathered their information, in line with the data capture aspect of the brief.

We massively exceeded the target email collection, with over 200 emails collected per day!

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