Alpen 360 Photo Booth

In the fast-paced world of marketing, creating memorable experiences that resonate with consumers is crucial. Alpen’s sponsorship of the 5k Colour Run aimed to connect with consumers on a personal level, encouraging them to adopt a healthier lifestyle while having fun.

The primary objective was to create awareness for Alpen Granola and engage participants in a way that would leave a lasting impression. To achieve this, they turned to Noonah to provide an engaging solution that captured the event’s spirit and promoted Alpen’s message in a shareable way.

650+ shared videos amplified Alpen’s reach from popular colour run event.

Noonah’s innovative use of the 360 Photo Booth at the 5k Colour Run demonstrates the power of immersive event technology in creating memorable and shareable brand experiences. Alpen successfully leveraged this engagement strategy to promote its message of health and fun, leaving a lasting impression on participants and extending its brand reach through user-generated content. This case study highlights the importance of embracing cutting-edge event tech to not only meet but exceed marketing objectives in today’s dynamic landscape. If you’re interested in our 360 photo booth or any other video booths, chat to our team about elevating your next event or brand experience!

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