Glamdroid® & The Mandalorian

In March 2023 the 3rd season of Disney’s Mandalorian hit our screens. To support the show’s London premiere, a 4000 sq ft unit below Piccadilly Circus’s famous billboards was transformed into a full-size replica of the Armorers Forge.

A chance for fans and celebrities to fully immerse themselves in all things Mandalore, the two-day pop-up was designed to build anticipation and engage fans, new and old, with live music, drinks, special guests and a range of activities that would not be out of place on Navarro or Naboo.

Our Glamdroid tech combines rapid robotic movement with high-speed video to create short-form videos optimised for platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

A Mandalorian Video Booth

The techs here at Noonah programmed the movement for Glamdroid® specifically for the event designing a sequence which captured the lightsabre-wielding users in their best possible light, Glamdroid® then added a Mandalorian-themed intro and SFX before sending the TikTok-optimised output directly to the user’s inbox.

As always, Glamdroid® caused a real buzz attracting hundreds of fans (and a few celebrities) to show off their lightsabre skills, generating thousands of impressions on social and creating a unique and lasting memory for those that took part. If you think Glamdroid® could work at your next event or activation, be sure to contact our robotics and Glamdroid® expert.

Inspired by our Mandalorian project? Elevate your upcoming project with our Glamdroid®

Cosplay actor taking part in the Glamdroid experience