Spotify @ VidCon

Spotify, boasting a colossal user base of over 365 million monthly active users, aimed to stand out at VidCon and offer attendees an unparalleled experience.

The challenge was clear – create an experiential solution that not only engaged guests but also encouraged them to share their unforgettable Spotify VidCon moments across social media platforms. VidCon is the ultimate convention of digital creators, platform innovators, and fans; Spotify needed an experiential technology solution that matched the innovative nature of the event. Armed with Noonah’s latest glambot camera, Glamdroid®, we set out to excite and engage VidCon attendees in a unique and immersive way.

Sync fan’s favourite Spotify beats with Glamdroid® for unforgettable moments.

Noonah’s Glamdroid® not only met but exceeded Spotify’s expectations, providing VidCon attendees with an immersive, memorable, and shareable experience. By seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with creative engagement strategies, Noonah demonstrated the immense potential of experiential solutions in building brand awareness and fostering genuine connections with consumers. The Glamdroid® success story at VidCon shows Noonah’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of experiential technology and creating moments that resonate long after the event.

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