The TCS London Marathon Running Show

The London Marathon is not just a race; it’s an experience that encompasses months of training, determination, and excitement.

Noonah collaborated with the TCS London Marathon to enhance the pre-marathon experience at The London Marathon Running Show through interactive experiences, including our Hero Booths, personalising tops, and a digital pledge wall.

Building up the excitement of 53,000+ London Marathon participants and supporters at The London Marathon Running Show.

The Hero Booths allows participants to capture a photo with renowned marathon figures such as David Weir, Mo Farah, and Paula Radcliffe. The UX is custom made with each athlete guiding the user through the experience as well as giving them a good luck message at the end. Participants were encouraged to share their photos using designated hashtags, and runners to post their photos pre-run on platforms like Twitter and Instagram using hashtags such as #WeRunTogether, @LondonMarathon, and @TCS_UKI.

Additionally, we had print stations set up at the expo to customise runners’ tops using durable materials designed to withstand the marathon and be visible while running.

The Pledge Wall for the event, works similarly to a Digital Mosaic, where photos fill a mosaic to create a final picture. The difference is that participants could add messages, aspirations, and motivations, further enhancing community spirit and connectivity.

Our interactive experiences at the London Marathon Expo enhance engagement, foster connection, and inspire participants on their marathon journey. Our aim was to elevate the participant experience and strengthen the sense of community within the London Marathon.