Overcome social distancing with the Virtual Mosaic

Virtual Mosaic: Conferences

Bring delegates at your virtual conference together with our Virtual Mosaic.

  • Delegates submit their selfies via social media with your hashtag, or send via email, to be added to the mosaic.
  • Images can be auto added, or moderated in real time and once approved are added to the online Virtual Mosaic.
  • Share the website for the digital mosaic with delegates so they can watch as your conference mosaic builds in real time.

Bring everyone together, regardless of distance!

Virtual Mosaic: Bringing Your Community Together

Use our Virtual Mosaic to unite communities and help morale for the times when you can’t be together.

Example Campaign:

It’s a challenging time for everyone at the minute, but we can beat this if we all pull together.

We’ll support our friends, colleagues and clients as much as we can.

If you’re staying strong by exercising, WFH, cooking or simply enjoying family time, share your photo to Instagram with #noonah

Share your photo to Instagram with the hashtag #noonah and it will be added to our Stay Strong mosaic.

User Experience

1. Share

Participants upload their selfie with your # or email their photo

2. Search

Our system searches for those images to create your Virtual Mosaic

3. Result

Your mosaic image is gradually revealed, consumers can watch in real time via the live website

Choose your mosaic image

You can choose the image you want consumers to get involved with creating. Why not add your company logo, your product, or your celebrity ambassador to the mosaic software?

Virtual Engagement

You don’t need consumers to be physically present at an event or venue for them to engage with your brand.

Consumers can interact and form part of your mosaic from the comfort of their own sofa, uploading their snaps to social.

Drive your brand or event on social

Consumers have to hashtag their images with your branded hashtag to be added to the mosaic.

This drives your brand on social without the need for a physical engagement with consumers

Generate Website Visits

Host the mosaic on your brand or event URL. Consumers visit this webpage to see the mosaic form with their image.

They will then visit other pages on your site and learn more about your brand, simple!