HP at The AI Summit London

At The AI Summit London, HP stood out as a headline partner, engaging attendees with a dynamic and interactive trade show stand. This success was in large part due to the innovative experiences designed and implemented by Noonah, which transformed the HP stand into an interactive playground of cutting-edge technology and immersive activities.

Their focus was on their new product, Z by HP AI Studio, a platform that connects people, data, tools, and compute to accelerate AI and data science model development. Noonah’s experiences were designed to educate and engage visitors with this in mind.

Promoting the launch of Z by HP AI Studio at the AI Summit; Noonah used experiences to educate and engage audiences.

The combination of these interactive experiences created by Noonah resulted in HP’s most successful presence at a trade show to date. Attendees were drawn to the stand, eager to participate in the engaging activities and share their experiences. The use of innovative technologies, from the Glamdroid to the Prize Vault and Personalisation Station, ensured that visitors left with memorable, personalised experiences that kept HP top of mind long after the event.