Mailchimp’s ‘Email is Dead’ Exhibition @ The Design Museum

Mailchimp's 'Email is Dead' Exhibition @ The Design Museum integrating Noonah Technology

In a world saturated with digital noise, Noonah, in collaboration with Event Concept, has redefined the interactive exhibition experience with Intuit Mailchimp’s ground-breaking project, ‘Email is Dead.’

This immersive showcase at the Design Museum in London seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology, creativity, and nostalgia to explore the omnipresence of email and its impact on our lives. This case study delves into Noonah’s innovative technology, including cloud-based solutions; with an ’email time capsule,’ a personality quiz, and an in-person photo booth, showcasing how Noonah is revolutionising the interactive exhibition landscape.

The mesmerising ‘Email is Dead’ exhibition sparked conversations about the future of communication.

Email Time Capsule

The ‘Email Time Capsule’ feature transports visitors to a future where they can receive messages sent to themselves during the exhibition. The visitor scans a QR code which takes them to a web app in which they write their email and receive it in a year’s time. Noonah’s technology captures the essence of anticipation, connecting the past with the future and creating a memorable, personalised experience.

Email Personality Quiz

Noonah’s interactive ‘Email Personality Quiz’ engages visitors by unveiling their unique email personas. Through a series of questions, the quiz determines if this visitor is a ‘cat who walked across a laptop keyboard’, ‘the secret agent’, ‘Emailus Cromagnus’, ‘the florist’, ‘addressed for success’ and so much more. Through a blend of data-driven algorithms and user-friendly interfaces, Noonah adds a layer of fun and self-discovery to the exhibition, encouraging active participation.

Smart Mirror Photo Booth

Taking experiential marketing to a new level with Noonah’s photo booth, which transports visitors to absurd locations, creating shareable moments. The printed wish-you-were-here postcards serve as tangible souvenirs, extending the exhibition’s reach well beyond the museum walls.

Noonah team at Mailchimp Email is Dead exhibition at Design Museum

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Noonah’s involvement in the ‘Email is Dead’ exhibition stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of interactive technology. As museums, brands, and event organisers seek innovative ways to engage their audiences, Noonah emerges as the go-to partner for creating memorable, shareable, and technologically advanced experiences. Elevate your next event with Noonah and redefine the future of interactive exhibitions. Get in touch today to explore the endless possibilities of immersive technology!