Virtual Selfies

Interact with your heroes

Virtual Selfies

The Virtual Selfies system creates the illusion of life size holograms for consumers to view and interact with, then share the resulting videos and photos to social media.

You can integrate any character or celebrity into the photo experience and give consumers the choice of which star they want to interact with.

Consumers’ celebrity snaps can be printed and shared to social, seamlessly blending the digital and physical world and transforming how people interact with their heros.

Virtual selfies is a totally unique interactive experience that maximises your event messaging through branded prints and shares

User Experience

1. Interact

Immerse consumers in an augmented experience as they choose celebs or characters


Our Virtual Selfies lets visitors interact with their chosen character and then captures them in a snap with their hero


Add branding to the snap which the consumer takes as a keepsake and shares with followers on social

Customise Stars

Decide which stars, characters or icon you want consumers to engage with. They can be fully customised for your event to make the experience even more immersive.

Customised UX

We can fully customise the user journey, ensuring consumers are fully immersed in your brand throughout the experience

Instant Sharing

Our system can seamlessly share the branded snaps to social media creating an online buzz around your event.

Brand the Mirror

Wrap the mirror in your branding, increasing your brand exposure and drawing the attention of consumers at the event

Branded Prints

Add your branding to the prints, bringing your brand to mind every time the consumer looks at their snap with their hero

Custom Build

Ask our team about building virtual selfies into a retail environment or stand design to create a bespoke experience

Option for Pay per Print

Add a card payment system to generate revenue per photo printed. Perfect for longer term installs.